Seylan Film Production.

Seylan is an Icelandic independent production company, founded in 1993. The company mainly produces documentary films on people, nature and history.

In 2010 - 2015 the company produced 4 documentaries and co-produced one with Les Films d'iCi in France. Seylan Film Production is currently co-producing projects with film production companies in Iceland, Spain, Germany and Ireland. Seylan Film Production is a member of the Association of Icelandic Filmproducers.

Hjalmtyr Heiddal is the sole owner and manager of Seylan Film production. Seylan has produced and co-produced more than 50 creative documentary films and TV documentaries (series and one offs), educational projects and visual material of various kind.

Seylan is a leading company in production of historical documentaries mostly broadcast on domestic channels. We have good contacts with the Icelandic Public Broadcast Service (RUV). 

Currently they have license to broadcast 10 documentaries from Seylan, 3 from 2010 and 7 documentaries produced from 1995 - 2008. RUV has signed a contract for 3 projects now in development by Seylan.

Two documentaries from Seylan were broadcast in 2010 by RUV, In Exil got close to 37% viewing in tha agegroup 12 - 80 and Spoils of War got 43%.

Hjalmtyr Heiddal has produced and directed films that have been broadcast and/or shown in festivals in Greece, Turkey,  The Netherlands, Ireland, France, USA, China, Swiss, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Finland, Israel, Japan and New Zeeland.

Atlantic Jihad and the Old Whetstone distributed in USA

National Film Network has published the films on DVD for distribution in schools and libraries

Webside:  National Film Network

Seylan Film Production

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